What Is an Egg Fast and How to Do It?

What Is an Egg Fast?

You have been doing keto or lchf for some time, and at one point the number on the scale stopped going down. It happened to all of us (more than once, probably), and if not – sorry to break it to you – it probably will. Even though you should not get stressed about it, since it is probably a temporary stall, there are certain things you can do to break it. One of them is fasting.

There are various kinds of fasting – intermittent fasting, water fast, beef & butter fast, egg fast… Today I will share my egg fast experience.

I have read different opinions on the egg (and cheese) fasting, and different ways of doing it, so before starting it, I set some rules that I can follow.

General rules of the egg fast

Egg fast should last between 3-5 days. First three days should be 100% fasting, and the next two you can start introducing small amounts of meat, veggies and other keto-friendly foods. However, you should add those carbs only to 1 meal, not all of your daily meals. The point in this is not to gain back the weight you have lost during the first three days, but to gradually go back to your regular keto (or low-carb) routine.

During the egg fast you should eat eggs, healthy fats, and cheese. You should consume at least 6 eggs a day. For each egg you eat, add 1 tablespoon of healthy fat. The number of portions of cheese (1 portion = 1 oz = 30 g) should not exceed the number of eggs consumed during the day.

Many people ask if sweeteners are allowed during the egg fast. I decided to use it, but to restrict sweets to one meal a day only.

In regards to sugar-free sodas, I try to stay away from them in general. However, I did drink one can during the fast, and I don’t think it affected my weight loss whatsoever.

I’ve seen that people wondered if they can drink coffee during the egg fast. Of course, you can! Otherwise, I wouldn’t even consider doing this fast. Coffee, herbal tea, sparkling water are all allowed during these five days. Alcohol, however, is not.

During the egg fast you will be ingesting virtually no fiber, so it is essential to keep on taking your supplements. Magnesium, potassium, vitamins should be taken daily.

As always, you should drink a lot of water. My suggestion is 8-10 glasses a day, but hey, I am no doctor. Simply stay hydrated!

Meal suggestions

Egg salad is always a good option. Boil some eggs, dice them, add some shredded cheese, mix it with cream cheese and homemade mayo – voila!

Cloud bread is a great choice, and you can quickly turn it into an egg & cheese roll – this one is a real treat, I promise.

Mama's Egg & Cheese Roll
Mama’s Egg & Cheese Roll

You have probably made egg muffins before, so now keep them simple – cheese and eggs only. And you can make a sweet and savory batch (or half & half) to be as versatile as possible.

Egg loaf is what I make as a dessert during each egg fast. One small loaf lasts for (more than) 5 days. Sometimes I make a frosting for it by combining cream cheese with cinnamon and powdered sweetener.

Excellent choice for breakfast can be 2-ingredient crepes which you can fill with the frosting above.

Moderation Is the Key

Even though I am a supporter, I would not recommend doing an egg fast every other week or longer than five days. This type of fasting is what keto is about – very low carb intake, very high fat, and moderate protein. During the egg fast, you are not eating any greens, seeds or nuts, so your fiber intake is close to none, which is another reason to keep this kind of fasting short-term and do it only when necessary.

Another important point – getting your nutrients from one source continually and repeatedly will create a reaction in your body. After a while, your body will start fighting it and will develop antibodies, and you will grow intolerance towards that food (group). That’s what happens with gluten usually. People who eat a lot of bread or similar foods with high gluten content at their young age, tend to develop gluten intolerance in their late years. Therefore – moderation is the key.

My results

Finally, we come to the results of this whole project. I did the egg fast a few times. On average, after five days of fasting on eggs and cheese, I lost 2,5 kilograms (circa 5 lbs) every time. More importantly, I never gained back more than half a kilogram (1 lb) after the fast.

I would suggest anyone with good health and no chronic diseases to try the egg fast. It can help when you hit the plateau in your weight loss. Fasting is always a good way to kickstart ketosis after cheating.

Bear in mind that I am not a medical professional, so if you are uncertain about fasting, consult your doctor first.

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