Freshwater fish
Pressure Cooker Freshwater Fish With Vegetables


2 kg freshwater fish, cut in pieces
200 g tomato, sliced
200 g carrot, sliced
200 g onion, sliced
200 g celery root, sliced
4-5 tsp paprika, smoked, sweet
10-15 bay leaves, dried
olive oil
If you are a fan of freshwater fish and you want a dish that can last for a week in your fridge without changing taste or going bad, this recipe is for you.


1.Clean the fresh fish thoroughly and cut it into 5 cm (2-3 inch) pieces. Start adding the pieces into the pressure cooker until you cover the bottom
2.After the layer of fish, add the layer of sliced vegetables, add a tablespoon of paprika, some salt, pepper and bay leaves
3.Repeat the process - layers of fish, vegetables and spices - until you are out of ingredients
4.After you have finished with the last layer, add olive oil until it reaches the top layer. It seems like a lot of oil, but this you will use later on to preserve the cooked fish (like canned sardines)
5.Pressurize on high for 10 minutes. Lower the cooking temperature to the minimum and let it cook for 3-4 hours. If you want to cook a bigger batch, you need to increase your cooking time.
6.Leave the top of your pressure cooker on for a while and take it of after it is cooled a bit. In my opinion, this dish is best served cold, so I recommend the following - let the fish cool down on room temperature. Carefully take pieces of fish and vegetables into an airtight container and store it in the fridge.

I love fish! Grilled, baked, poached, stewed – you name it, I like it! However, I am usually too lazy to make it since it takes quite some time just to clean the fish properly. I am not a fan of frozen fish, so it is a lot of work for me. Luckily, my father is a passionate fisherman so I can obtain freshwater fish (like bream, chub, barbel, sneep, zender…) from time to time. Together with freshwater fish, one more thing I got from my father is this amazingly simple recipe!

One thing that will make preparing this dish easier is a pressure cooker or an instant pot. If you don’t have one, nothing to worry about, you will just need to adjust the cooking time.

You can basically use any freshwater fish. You can combine a few species as well. I usually made it with bream and chub, but you can use whichever you like. The important part is not to use the fish that has that muddy smell (usually species that live in still bodies of water). However, if it does, you can leave it soak in the mix of water, vinegar, and salt for 24 hours. That should do the trick.

If you are not fond of the veggies I used for this dish, you can change, replace, omit, add… Adjust to taste! The same goes for herbs and spices.

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