50 g peanuts, chopped
100 g walnuts, chopped
250 g chicken, grilled and chopped
150 g broccoli, sautéed and chopped
200 g sour cream
100 g mayonnaise
Salads should not be served only during hot summer months. My wholesome chicken & broccoli salad can be a great starter for winter dinner parties.


1.Heat the grill pan on medium heat and add some olive oil. Cut the chicken breasts in finger-size strips and grill them until they are golden. Let the grilled chicken rest and cool.
2.Chop the chicken in a food processor (don't overdo it or it will turn into pate)
3.Chop the nuts in a food processor (don't overdo it, it will start turning into a paste!)
4.Chop the broccoli with a food processor or a knife so that it is the same size as peanuts and chicken. Again, don't overdo it!
5.Combine the chopped ingredients with sour cream and mayo. Mix until they are evenly combined. Let it cool in the freezer or if you are impatient as I am, eat it right away!

Salads are definitely my weak spot. Green salads, meat salads, egg salads, fruit salads – you name it, I made it! That is why I always try to explore new ones, create my own combinations (and you can really go wild in that field) and come up with new exotic mixes. This one is a great choice for holiday seasons. It can save you when you have unexpected guests over. Also, it is convenient that you can easily turn it into a dip. This recipe for chicken and broccoli salad is my best friend’s but slightly altered by me.

Many people only think about eating or making salads during the summer. They are a perfect solution for easy to prepare meals when the days are long and hot. But salads really can be (and should be!) served all year round.

Spring is probably the best time for serving salads since the shops and markets are full of crisp fresh produce. They are the perfect choice after a long winter slump and a good way to boost your energy levels.

Summer, hot weather and long days call for alfresco dinner parties, buffets, and barbecues and no one wants to spend hours in a hot kitchen when they can be enjoying the sunshine outdoors. For such occasion, there is no better option than salad – you can prepare separate elements together in advance and toss them together right before serving.

Cold winter and autumn months call for more comforting, wholesome and hearty salads with pasta and rice (which we will substitute on the ketogenic diet). Marinated meat, fish or poultry combined with winter herbs and garlic can turn into a delicious meal or simply a tasty starter dish.

*1 serving = 100 g

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