Flourless Mocha Cake
Dense and Creamy Flourless Mocha Cake
Dense and Creamy Flourless Mocha Cake


250 g chocolate, unsweetened
250 g butter, room temperature
5 eggs, room temperature
pinch of sea salt
50 g sweetener (adjust to taste)
500 g mascarpone
espresso shot, double, short
50 g sweetener, powdered (optional)
125 g chocolate, unsweetened, chopped
125 ml heavy cream
If you are a fan of coffee and you love chocolate - this is a dessert for you! Mocha cake is what happens when flourless chocolate torte meets tiramisu.


1.Preheat the oven to 350°F / 175°C.
2.All the ingredients should be at room temperature. Beat the eggs (with sweetener) until they are evenly combined. Melt the chocolate and butter and add well beaten eggs.
3.Mix until you get a homogeneous batter and pour it into a greased spring pan covered with parchment paper.
4.Now comes the most important part - avoiding over or under-baking it! The top should start to form a very thin crust, but it should be jiggly in the middle and underneath. Depending on your oven, you should bake the crust for approximately 25 minutes. If you have a cooking thermometer - perfect, use it! When the temperature in the middle reaches 60°C, it is time to turn off your oven and take the torte out.
5.Once your crust is baked, let it cool at room temperature right in the pan. Then, refrigerate overnight, for at least 8 hours.
6.Remove the pan from the fridge 2-3 hours before filling. Use a thin spatula or knife to separate it from the walls, if not separated.
7.Make a short double espresso and mix it with mascarpone. Start filling the torte and spread mascarpone mixture evenly until it is flat and smooth. Cover it with foil and store it in the fridge until you make a ganache.
8.While the cake is chillin' in the fridge, heat your heavy cream in a small saucepan until it starts to simmer. Pour it over chocolate you've previously broken into bits and pieces. Let it stand 3-5 minutes, then stir until smooth. Set aside at room temperature until cool, stir it occasionally and don't let it thicken.
9.an hour or two before serving the cake, glaze it with previously prepared chocolate ganache. Let the cake cool for an hour before serving.

If you are a fan of tiramisu and you also love chocolate – flourless mocha cake is a dessert for you! The strong coffee flavor will give some sharpness to somewhat dull mascarpone filling, while the chocolate torte rounds this mocha cake with its richness and density!

If you have made flourless chocolate cake before, you know how important it is not to over or underbake it. In case you are a baking newbie and you are wondering if your torte is done, better turn the oven off. Supposing that the mistake is to be made, better go for underbaking than the opposite. Ideally, you will be able to measure the temperature while it is baking. But, not everyone has a kitchen thermometer, so watch the clock – carefully.

After you finish your torte, let it cool overnight. The next day, before adding filling on top of it, detach it from the spring pan and then put it back into it.

The filling should be made of 2 ingredients solely – mascarpone and brewed espresso. But make a strong one, you should really get that coffee aftertaste. If you don’t have an espresso machine, use any coffee. Mind that the amount of liquid should not be greater than a short espresso (ristretto).

I suppose some people would prefer their cake filling to be sweet. If you are one of them, add some sweetener, but go for a powdered one, and I suggest mixing it with coffee first.

If you want to lower the calorie count, skip the ganache. Simply (but generously) dust the top with some high-quality cocoa powder. This way, it will be even closer to tiramisu, but a chocolate one!

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