Crispy Seed Crackers - Quick & Delicious Snack
Crispy Seed Crackers - Quick & Delicious Snack
Crispy Seed Crackers - Quick & Delicious Snack
Crispy Seed Crackers - Quick & Delicious Snack


50 g sesame seeds
50 g flax seeds
50 g pumpkin seeds
50 g sunflower seeds
50 g chia seeds
50 g poppy seeds (optional)
50 g peanuts (optional)
50 g almonds (optional)
cumin seeds
Italian mix of spices
These simple and tasty crackers are a great snack to have aound, perfect choice for meals on-the-go and a very convenient solution for travelling.


1.Preheat the oven to 175°C / 350°F
2.Mix all the seeds together and divide the mix in half. Grind the first half in a food processor (you might need a powerful machine for this part). Grind until you get coarse flour. If you are using nuts, grind all the nuts and leave out just half of the seeds.
3.Combine the seeds with spices and herbs of your liking. Add salt and pepper and start adding water, little by little until you get sticky mass that holds together.
4.Use two parchment papers to flatten the batter.
5.After you have flattened it, remove the upper parchment paper, place the crackers onto the baking pan and try to form lines with a knife so they can break easily after they are baked. You can make squares, diamonds, rectangles - whatever shape you prefer. Sprinkle with some chilli-lime, cumin seeds etc.
6.Pop the pan into the oven and leave it there for about 30 minutes. It might need a bit more or less time, depending on how thick your crackers are. After they are baked, let them rest and cool down completely. Break them into separate pieces and enjoy!

Lately, I have been making a lot of spreads and dips. More about them one of these days. Today I am sharing the simplest recipe since cloud bread. We are making crunchy seed crackers – perfect for the dips and spreads mentioned above!

These are so simple and easy to make – you can make them standing on your head. You literally need two ingredients and some herbs and spices for seasoning (optional), and you’ll have your crackers in 30 minutes or so.

I’ve tried mixing seeds and nuts as well. I used some peanuts and almonds so far! However, be careful with adding nuts – you are adding carbs as well!

Next time I make them, I’ll try to shape them like sticks (grissini-like) and hope they won’t crumble!

I served these crackers with guacamole, different cheese-based dips (more about them these days), spread some chicken liver pate over them… Options are limitless!

For this recipe, you should grind half of the seeds in your food processor (I cannot recommend Vitamix enough!) and leave the other half whole. I’ve tried making them out of ground seeds, and it was okay. The taste was there, but I somehow prefer the texture when you can see and chew some seeds. It is almost impossible to make the crackers out of whole seeds and water. They do not hold together, and you need something to act as a glue and keep the mass together.

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