How to Know If You Are in Ketosis

What majority of us definitely wondered in one point is whether we are in ketosis. Though you shouldn’t bother with that as long as you are losing weight and feeling great (both mentally and physically), there are tests you can do to confirm how deep is your ketosis.

The cheaper way is to buy urine strips and check it yourself – they are said to be pretty inaccurate, but they might tell you whether you are in ketosis or not. Another option is testing your blood and you can do that in a laboratory. If you don’t like going to the lab, try using one of many blood monitors that measure your glucose and ketone levels. Mind that monitors themselves are not too expensive, but the strips are.

What I recommend is FREE. You can try doing a simple and quick “physical check-up” of the following:

Weight loss – why do you need to know if you are in ketosis if you are losing weight and feeling awesome?
Decreased hunger – you will realize after a week or so how rarely if ever, you feel hungry. BEST. FEELING. EVER.
Increased energy – after initial “keto flu”, which you may or may not experience, you will find yourself feeling far more energized for longer hours than usual. In regards to keto flu – I just had a day or two of some lightheadedness and headache. A quick fix was some electrolytes and supplements.
Fruity breath – you will be able to smell/taste it yourself, especially in the morning when you wake up.
Dry mouth – ketogenic diet is a diuretic itself, so you MUST STAY HYDRATED.
Increased urination – ketogenic diet is a diuretic itself, so you MUST STAY HYDRATED.
Toilet issues – some people experience a change in their normal toilet routine. It can get pretty irregular and lead to constipation (you might need to increase fiber and magnesium intake). Or you can experience diarrhea, which is less frequent and you just might need to let your body adjust. Some extra fiber might speed up the process.

Once again, keto diet and low carb diets, in general, have been growing popularity in recent years. Many famous people rave about the benefits of the ketogenic diet – Kobe Bryant, the Kardashians, Alec Baldwin, Megan Fox, Adriana Lima, Halle Berry just to mention a few.

If you are interested in purchasing a blood meter, here is a good deal:


Ketone urine testing strips are a way cheaper option:


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