• One of the biggest benefits of keto diet is, obviously, weight loss. Low-carb diets have been proven very successful in people struggling with obesity; ketogenic diet – being a low-carb diet in its core, is as effective (if not more). To add a personal note – I have lost about 12kg/26lbs on keto so far; I want to lose a few more to reach my (long-awaited) goal weight.
  • Lower blood sugar is another benefit of this diet and it can be of vital importance especially for type 2 diabetes patients. Running on ketones instead of carbs lowers your insulin levels, thus lowering your blood sugar.
  • Improved brain function is another benefit many people (especially older generations) following ketogenic diet noticed after some time – maintaining focus longer than usual, better memory, mental clarity.
  • Once you get into state of ketosis, you will see your energy levels rising. Personally, I noticed my performance in gym improved drastically after a month or so on keto. I started lifting more, I endure longer cardio trainings… and I rarely have a problem climbing stairs to my 6th-floor-no-elevator-apartment!

Appetite control is another benefit of keto. If you do it right, of course, you will never feel hunger 2 hours after a meal, and on top of that you might not have your usual cravings on keto diet – this one I can confirm personally!


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